Avail Cake PHP Website Development to Enhance the Process of Web Development

When it comes to frameworks, plugins or tools, developers rarely seem to be intrigued. However, at times certain new entrants take the market by storm. One such framework that has managed to earn the center spot is ‘cake PHP’ – A PHP based framework, which is preferred by developers for developing dynamic web applications and websites.

Cake PHP Website Development - ISKPRO

Summarize below are the reasons that have contributed to the immense popularity of Cake PHP development:

  • It is based on MVC (Model – View- Controller), which is a very reliable architectural design pattern and deals with the UI aspect of a web application. In other words, it enables the users to observe the progression of onscreen work. This framework also allows the interaction and presentation with the model much simpler.
  • Yet another reason behind its popularity and wide acceptance is that it is extremely user friendly. It helps developers to create even the most complex of websites in simple way. In fact, Cake PHP allows the development of customized websites as per the unique requirement of a business.
  • There is no default language mandate when it comes to development of website or web application using Cake PHP. In other words, the language barrier is eliminated, which is a major relief for developers.
  • What makes this framework all the more alluring is that it comes packed with security layers. It comes integrated with several security specialized tools that facilitate XSS prevention, CSRF protection, and deterrence of the code injection techniques.
  • It is usually difficult to evaluate the vital points and fix the bugs or errors in your web applications or business websites. Cake PHP enables you to identify, test and remove these bugs and errors especially when you are developing a huge application filled with errors.

Today, several blue chip companies are looking for web development agencies that offer robust Cake PHP Website Development. This is because this framework can be used to deliver some of the most dynamic web applications that could augment the growth, as well as sales number for any business. So, make sure you choose Cake PHP development and make the most out of it.

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Apple Watch App Development: Allowing Businesses to Remain Competitive

The introduction of wearable devices and smart TV’s has revolutionized the world of technology with Apple watch being the new frontier of technical finesse. In fact, Apple watches have remolded communication and several other things in general life. Comprising of around 50 % of the total smart-watch market globally, these gadgets are fast turning into a necessity rather than a luxury leading to more users in the near future.


Now, such requirements call for building separate applications that are designed to work specifically for them. Apple watch developers have ever since then exploring the various possibilities that surround Apple Watch App Development. In fact, app developers have utilized the platform to develop innovative and exceptional apps for the apple watch. In fact, app development platform for the iwatch has improved significantly with an update announced for the Apple Watch OS.

Yet another announcement that came as a major breakthrough for developers was providing third party developers with access to watch complications so that they can use new complications (more efficient than glances) for app development. An Apple watches developer will appreciate all the methods through which time could be saved. This will allow the developers to embed more and impressive features into their applications.

Time to invest in app development for apple watch is right now as several companies have started leveraging the platform to the best of their advantage. Doing so would help you remain ahead of the competition. However, it is important to ensure that the app development company or individual you wish to hire has the acumen to tailor the smart watch experience. In other words, the company or the professional you seek to hire should be able to step into app users’ shoes to understand and build apps exactly as per their requirement.

To sum it up, wearable’s are redefining the way apps are accessed. The millennial generation of the current era are channelizing their method of communication to acquire individual, as well as business benefits in a more convenient and practical way. Apps developed for the Apple watch is gaining foothold in the business world due to its role in providing user experience that exceeds your imagination or expectation. In fact, a reliable company offering iWatch App Development Services can offer your business with the much required competitive edge for a disrupting market penetration.

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Python Web Development Services: Allowing Quick and Easy App Development

An extremely popular and dynamic programming language, Python is used widely to develop feature-rich web applications and software’s. Being an object-oriented programming language, it offers wide array of features that make this language equally beneficial for programmers and customers alike. With extensive features of memory management and standard library, Python allows developers to make use of less and readable code to express the concept thus simplifying the entire process of development. In fact, programmers can easily integrate Python with other popular programming languages and tools impeccably.

Python Web Development Services - ISKPRO

  •  Readability: The greatest asset of this language is its clear and readable syntax. As compared to    other languages, the number of ‘dialects’ are comparatively less making it ideal for both experts, as well as interns.
  • Direct Support: This programming language has the support of an expansive community of developers who are always ready to offer support to anyone seeking it. 
  • Simple Learning: Both the source code as well as the pseudo code are similar in Python, which allows for simple learning without the need for comprehensive training program. Moreover, it allows for quick adaptation of code making it a complete delight for developers. 
  • High Portability: Python offers multi platform compatibility i.e. one can easily write, test, and upload program on different platforms with ease. Since, they are available on multiple and major operating systems such as Windows, Linux , UNIX and more, the desktop GUI applications written in Python can be easily deployed on multiple platforms. 
  • Object-oriented Programming: Being an object oriented language; python uses non-object oriented structures thus making the programming simple and instantaneous. 
  • Open source: Despite being one of the most popular programming languages, Python could be availed as an open source and free software. Besides large enterprises, small start-ups and independent developers can make use of this programming language without paying any license fee. This reduces the cost-of development significantly. 
  • Simplifies Prototyping: With prototyping becoming an integral part of software development life cycle, developers require creating a prototype so as to display the features and functionality of the application to various stakeholders. Being a fast programming language, this language allows for quick development of the system without spending much time.

So, get in touch with a reputed company offering Python Web Development Services for quick application development process. 

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Noteworthy SEO Strategies that can turn out to be Game Changer for Your Business in 2017

Time flies away like a bird! 2016 feels like yesterday when we were busy strategizing for SEO success in 2016 and boom we are already in the middle of the first quarter of 2017. It’s time again for planning, organizing and budgeting for your SEO accomplishment. One important thing that you need to remember as a prestigious web agency is that there is no shortcut to success and the only way to massive organic traffic to your site is patience and perseverance.  


Documented below are a handful of useful tips that can lead to your SEO Success in 2017 and beyond. Have a quick look: 

  • Prioritizing User Intent” and RankBrain: When developing your content both user intent and Rank brain (Google’s machine-learning artificial system) should be examined together, not individually. As compared to yesteryears, search engines are focusing on the quality of content instead of quantity (more keywords and links). While getting quality content with targeted keywords might sound difficult to achieve, but isn’t SEO all about prioritizing what users want?
  • Structured Data: Search engines tend to improve their algorithm on a regular basis; it is beneficial to inform search engines regarding your page content by making use of structured data. This will allow the search engines to better understand what the pages are all about, and how they should be classified.Beyond this, you should use Google My Business to complete information provided through structured data. The information submitted is verified by Google’s team, which further removes inaccurate details.
  • Local SEO: This is one area that is experiencing continuous improvement andit can be well expected that localized search results in 2017 will become moreprecise and impactful to users and businesses alike. In fact, with surge in search terms such as “… near me”, Google has been striving to offer search results near the customer looking for a particular product/ service near him/ her. While you might reason that local searches are influenced by the business location nearest to the user performing the query, the fact is that if your business seems appropriate to the users, it might actually rank higher in SERPs and Google maps than your competitors. 

To sum it up, all we can say is that the aforementioned strategies are tried and tested and can turn out to be game changers for your business in 2017 and ahead.

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6 Important things which Drupal 8 Developers Need to Familiarize Themselves With

You are a Drupal 7 developer willing to make a transition to Drupal 8 for the purpose of developing sites, plugins and modules. While you might be conversant with several drupalisms, you might not be adept with modern PHP frameworks, practices and principles. Though, Drupal 8 still comprises of several old drupalisms practices, it attempts to keep consistent with the recent advancements.

Drupal 8 Developers - ISKPRO

So, if you wish to get started on developing custom modules or themes in Drupal 8, there are six important things, which you as a Drupal 8 developer need to take. Have a look:

  • Have a Solid OOP (Object Oriented Programming language): The most important thing that differentiates Drupal 7 from Drupal 8 from developer point of view is the way code is written. Though, it’s still written in PHP, it’s has become much more object oriented. Depending upon your expertise in OOP, you would have to learn, brush up or revise it to build Drupal 8 modules efficiently.
  • Understanding of Composer: It is important for developers to understand the working of Composer package manager, which is extremely useful in installing, updating and managing the external PHP libraries and dependencies of your project.
  • Familiarity with Symfony: The introduction of Symfony components in the Drupal 8 development cycle has been a topic of debate. While some do not recommend learning symphony for developing sites in Drupal 8, there are some that consider it to be a great modular framework and strongly recommend learning it to understand how drupal 8 is built.
  • Controllers and Routing: When one begins to learn Drupal 8, he/ she would require creating the mandatory hello world module i.e. building a page with a parameter in the URL. This introduces you to many important things such as module folder structure, routing etc.
  • Familiarity with Plugins: It is important to get familiarity with plugins to extend default drupal functionality as several old Drupal 7 implementations of various concepts have been converted to plugins.
  • Dependency Injection: Another important yet simple concept that is important for developers to grab is dependency injection, which is used by Drupal 8 to manage service initiation and injection into classes that require them.

These are the initial six steps, which developers should become familiar with while learning Drupal 8.

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Significant Benefits of Hiring a Professional Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

The past decade has witnessed a huge leap in marketing from traditional to digital. This is because Digital marketing allows businesses to follow result-driven strategies and run effective campaigns that are easy to track, simple to implement while generate higher ROI as compared to their traditional counterparts. So, if you as a marketer wish to take back control of your marketing budget then hiring a digital marketing agency can turn out to be a profitable proposition for you.

Digital Marketing Agency - ISKPRO

Today, with growing competition in the market, more and more businesses are considering to invest in engaging the services of a reliable company offering digital marketing services. By strengthening a firm’s online presence, a digital marketing company can lend businesses the much required edge over their competitors:

  • Experience: A reliable digital marketing company will comprise a team of experts having sound knowledge about digital marketing tools and techniques along with social media tactics. Since, these professionals have gathered the expertise of working on variety of businesses; they will be able to deal with different challenges that may arise in the process.
  • Cost Effective: As compared to traditional methods of marketing, promoting your business through the digital media is anytime more economical. Outsourcing your digital marketing needs to a service provider can help you to make cost savings on payroll taxes, employee salaries and specific software’s to track your campaigns.
  • Quick Reach: Yet another major benefit of hiring a digital marketing agency is their ability to provide your business with a quicker audience reach. The professional service provider will hold insights and data regarding consumer behavior, which in turn would help them to set plan accordingly to promote their brand. This leads to targeted and wider audience reach.
  • Keep up with the Changing Trends: To remain on top of your marketing strategy, you would have to keep yourself updated with the recent digital marketing trends and technology. This can be difficult to accomplish with an in-house team that might not have the exposure of working on different campaigns. A good digital marketing agency keeps evolving by learning new trends and practices and contributing to industry publications from time to time.
  • Save More Time: When you outsource your digital marketing needs to a service provider, you will spend less time hiring, managing, and dealing with the minute details of HR, payroll, etc. This would leave you with more time to focus on core activities of your business leading to better productivity

These are few of the several benefits of hiring the services of a Digital Marketing Agency.

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5 Ways in which Symfony Development Services can benefit Your Business?

As a business owner, you must be looking for a perfect platform for web application development. Availing robust and user friendly Symfony framework can turn out to be beneficial for you in several ways. From authorizing the reduced work flow and reducing the cost of development along with high-end and feature-rich applications, this PHP based framework promises several other benefits that can accelerate creation and perpetuation of web applications.

Symfony Development Services - ISKPRO
This web application framework depends on MVC (Model-View-Controller), and has empowered the end users with its latest versions that are endowed with outstanding features. It also facilitates the developers with the lesser coding feature making it a delight for every developer.

  • Unlimited Flexibility: Symfony can cater to different types of user needs. Both the bricks i.e. Event Dispatcher and the dependency injector are fully independent and make this framework entirely configurable. So, whether you require several functionalities to build a complex application or a framework based on the functionalities you required, symphony offers unlimited flexibility.
  • Expandable: Each bundle that comprises of everything from a small brick to the entire core adds in to the functionality of the framework and be could re-used in other projects as well. The system of bundles paves way for complete change within Symfony including the core itself.
  • Stability: As a matter of fact, major versions of Symfony are supported for a minimum of 3 years by the company and for a lifetime as far as security-related problems are concerned. For better stability, minor versions and the compatibility between them will be guaranteed on the API.
  • Delight for Developers: Since, this framework offers a highly functional environment; developers tend to enjoy the entire process of development. By doing away with some trivial and unenjoyable tasks, this framework allows developers to focus on the real highlights of an application so as to enhance their productivity. Moreover, development tools offered by Symfony are designed to make the entire process of development appear like a breeze.
  • Ease of Usage: Being extremely flexible, it can easily satisfy the needs of professionals and end-users alike. Besides this, ease of accessibility, professional support, and some best practices allow even a novice to feel at ease with Symfony.
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