Why Perl Web Development is in High-demand across the Industry?

One of the oldest programming languages ‘Perl’ was developed by Larry Wall in 1987. When it was born, it was heavily inspired from C and was more of a procedural language. Over a period of time and with the growth of technology, this language got reformed and became an Object oriented programming language. Initially, this language was designed to write programs for UNIX, which was at its peak that time. However, with time this language has modified itself to create other modern era applications. Perl Web Development is extremely interesting that allow developers to create robust yet stunning web applications.

Why Perl Web Development

Widely recognized as a CGI Scripting language i.e. Common Gateway Interface language, Perl offers great potential and scope for web application development as it can be used to develop any web application that calls for connection with database. In other words, it works as an interface between the frontend and the backend database. Perl can be integrated with several languages such as Python, PHP etc. that allows developers to use any database such as Postgres, Oracle, MySQL etc for web application development.

  1. Great for Large Scale Web Application Development: For large scale web applications that require more speed and efficiency, PERL development is highly recommended. In fact, applications requiring regular database interactions such as Priceline.com, imdb.com and ticket Master can get adequate boost in performance through Perl as they require much higher speed to get connected with the backend database. So, if you develop web applications in Perl, you can get augmented efficiency that can power your website significantly and make your application anytime faster than before thus providing an awesome experience to your customers.
  2. For e-commerce web apps without any Loopholes: Besides using Perl for large scale web app development, it can be used to create much more reliable and secure web application than those developed using other languages such as PHP, Java etc. In fact, it is a highly stable language if we are thinking of developing web server applications. This programming language allows resolution of complicated processes including process management, file management and text manipulation in an easy way. This is a good reason why Perl development is in great demand.

Perl’s competence as a general purpose programming language, as well as its power in text management and binding systems together make it a brilliant fit for web development. Moreover, the community’s acceptance, as well as implementation of modern Perl standards such as PSGI and Plack can further power your site.



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