4 Essential Things to look Out for Before Indulging in Android watch App Development

Android wear from Google is an operating system with new user interface. It is a platform that connects your Android based phone to your wrist with the first Android wear devices being Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch. Since its release in the previous year, Android Wear has gathered lot of attention, both from a consumer, as well as a developer’s point of view.  In fact, developers wish to ensure that they understand and get their applications prepared to benefit from a new way in which users will be relating with contextual information.


With the aim to provide the right quantity of information and at the right time to the user, Google has created design guidelines so as to help developers center their idea in terms of Android watch app development.

There are four essential things that need to be borne in mind when designing Android Wear applications:

  • Launch automatically: A wear device is not a phone on which apps could be downloaded. Users need not try launching apps on a Wear device. The Wear app should be conscious of time, activity and location and should be able to automatically place in the relevant card accordingly.
  • Be Readable: Just as one sees the time on a traditional watch, users wearing the wearable devices on their wrists should be able to read the notification easily. With that in mind, it is important to keep the title/text to a bare minimum while ensuring that it is easy to read and is relevant.
  • Leveraging Suggest and Demand: Android Wear acts as a great personal assistant as it’s always available on your hand to provide quick and ready assistance interrupting only when extremely required. Such experiences can only be provided by developers only when they remain thoughtful about using the Suggest and Demand models.
  • Little Interaction with the user: Wearable apps should be developed keeping in mind the small size of wearable devices in mind. Users should be able to interact with the apps easily, which means inclusion of voice or simple swipe/tap precursors.

Bearing the aforesaid points in mind, it wouldn’t be difficult to create appropriate apps for your wearable device.



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