Bootstrap vs. Foundation: Which is Your Preferred Front-end Framework?

As a web designer, your search for a sleek, simple and responsive front-end framework ends with Bootstrap and Foundation, which are two most popular frameworks around at the moment. In fact, both can be used as powerful tools to restructure the process of designing sleek, responsive user interfaces (UIs) for dynamic web applications. They provide you with immediate access to UI components high-grade typography, navigation bars, buttons, forms, etc. thereby reducing the development time considerably.


So, before we dive further into the details of each, it is important to understand that both have their share of advantages and disadvantages. A closer look at the similarities and differences between the two can help you decide the right framework for your next project.

  • Community: In this aspect, Bootstrap emerges as the clear winner with more than 97, 600 members on Github. This gives it an edge over Foundation. So, when you run into a problem, there is no dearth of designers and developers who can come to your rescue within decent technical support. However, with everyone using the same stock such as buttons, layouts, forms etc. all Bootstrap website start looking same. This requires putting extra work by customizing your UI to create a completely unique look and feel.
  • Customization: Since, both the frameworks support SASS, customization is easy with both of them. However, when it comes to flexibility, Foundation takes away the pie. Apart from this, Foundation has pre-built features and UI components towards which it has minimalistic approach. This allows designers to create unique designs. Additionally, Bootstrap components are out of the box and polished.
  • Browser support: Both the frameworks offer great support for all the major browsers including desktop and mobile and their latest versions such as Firefox, Safari, chrome, opera, Internet Explorer and Microsoft edge.
  • Grid system: Grid System is one of the most important features of a front-end framework. It aids designers to lay out various components that form the UI. While this is Foundation’s forte, bootstrap can bridge that gap, by writing custom code. However, deciding between frameworks based on grid system boils down to personal preference.

While Bootstrap 4 and Foundation 6 provide a similar suite of features, a good rule of thumb is to pick Foundation if you value flexibility and Bootstrap if you are looking for speed and stability. Whatever you choose depends entirely on how comfortable you feel when working with the framework.



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