Why Python has Become Preferred Choice of Web Developers and Start-ups?

If you are a business owner looking to get a website or a web application built, you may get intimidated by the wide range of options available in terms of programming languages. So, if you are thinking of sourcing your IT project, it is important to understand that every project has its specific requirements which a particular programming language can cater to. However, with such huge range of options available, it is important to narrow down the options. You would require keeping certain usage patterns or requirements such as ease of learning, security and general access, cross-platform ability, in mind before choosing the right coding language that would best fulfill the needs of your project.


Whether you require a language that can help you work on the web or one that can help you manage things that you do apart from the web or something that can help you prototype quickly, Python should be your ideal choice. Python is a high-end and object oriented programming language with dynamic semantics. Due to the availability of built-in data structures, dynamic binding and typing, it can be used to build applications rapidly. Since, it is used to connect existing components; it can be used as a scripting language.

For web development, Python offers several mature and stable web frameworks such as Django, Tornado, web2py, CubicWeb, and TurboGears. These frameworks help programmers to perform number of operations such as writing additional code, URL routing, database manipulation, session storage and retrieval, and more. For nearly every database system, python provides high-quality connectors. As compared to other popular languages such as .Net, Java, PHP and Ruby, Python has different kind of event-loop frameworks.

Since, Python is available on all major operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and UNIX, GUI applications can be deployed on multiple platforms. Cross platform desktop GUI application development can be expedited by using frameworks like Kivy, PyGtk and wxPython.

Despite being one of the most popular programming languages, Python is available as free software as it is an open source technology. This makes it easily accessible to both large and small IT companies. In fact, startups and freelance developers can use this language free of cost without paying any royalty. This consequently helps businesses reduce development cost significantly. Apart from this, there is a large and active community of developers that can aid you to add out-of-box features to the software application.



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