Choose the Best PHP Frameworks for Agile Application Development to Scale-up Your Business

One of the most widely practiced application development methodology; agile development focuses on simple coding strategy with tests being performed at parts of applications that are being developed in stages. This incremental development process is adopted by several development companies to gain benefits like quicker time to market, better quality, cost efficiency, flexibility to change and better notice ability into the development process.


PHP development has emerged as one of the most popular service for developing outstandingly strong web applications. With numerous high-end PHP frameworks being available, it actually makes sense to select the right PHP framework to make app development easy and agile for businesses. Using PHP frameworks for agile development allows businesses to sustain and move ahead by encapsulating the current technological trends.

Using robust PHP framework will allow users to avail enduring maintenance by complying with the development standards that will help sustain your application while keeping the code organized. Have a look at some of the most powerful PHP Frameworks:

  • CodeIgnitor: One of the most simple yet a powerful framework, CodeIgnitor is utilized for the development of fully featured and complex web applications as there are no coding rules that restrict the developers. This open source framework is simple to use and acts with speed.
  • Cake PHP: Yet another popular PHP framework that allows developers to handle the entire application development process with ease is Cake PHP. Widely used for the development of ecommerce apps, this framework allows quick and hassle-free app development. What make this framework all the more appeasing are the multiple features such as multi-lingual options, customized templates and field and user-management features that make the entire app development process easy.
  • Laravel: Laravel has made it to the list of most powerful PHP frameworks. This framework makes coding easy and fun. This framework helps developers to work with authentication, routing, caching, apart from a well-integrated testing support.
  • Zend: Known for its simplicity, Zend is an extremely flexible framework with a high functionality component library. Apart from this, this framework allows great possibility for customization along with great tooling support for quick application development.

The aforementioned frameworks have established their mettle as some of the most sought-after and powerful PHP frameworks that facilitate a hassle free application development. However, not every framework is designed to meet the varied requirement of different apps. You have to make a prudent choice as per your business requirement to get a feature rich and functional app.



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