SEO vs. PPC – Make the Right Choice for Your Business

In this technology driven world, social media and digital marketing has significantly impacted the way we act or behave as consumers or the way we carry out business. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that businesses that fail to adapt to the changing landscape of marketing and communications are at a greater risk of losing out. This requires businesses to either develop or strengthen their online presence.

According to a research conducted by a Forrester Research company, 81% of users prefer using search engine to reach their desired destination. So, if you’re willing to make your presence felt in the local, national or global market, it’s time you invest in a digital marketing strategy.

Amongst all the available digital marketing strategies, two most popular strategies include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Depending upon the tactic your business needs to employ, the time your business requires to deliver results and the competition within your industry, you will have to decide upon the right strategy for your business.

How Quickly Do You Need Results?

Before you decide upon the right strategy for your business, it is important to figure out how quickly your business requires results. This means that if you have ample time to boost the ranking of your keywords organically, you would be able to generate more traffic and revenue than with a paid search engine campaign. In addition, you have a better standing with searchers as your business appears in the search results naturally. However, if your business requires quick leads, PPC (Pay per click) is the way to go. Since, you can make the most of landing pages; forms etc. to convert traffic to sales, one can expect immediate ROI, with PPC.

What is the Level of Competition in the Search Results?

If your business displays low competition in the search results, you can opt for SEO to attain top search engine rankings. To achieve top rankings organically, you need to portray yourself as the best

in your industry.  You can achieve this by generating thought leadership, referring domains and quality content. Once, your business attains top rankings in the organic search results, your rankings don’t drop easily. But, if your business shows high competition amongst the search results, it makes sense to shell out money for traffic with PPC. The biggest advantage of using PPC in a cutthroat industry is that your business attains top Google ranking without consuming much time.

What is the Level of Competition in Paying for Ad Clicks?

If competition in a specific business segment is low, business owners should opt for SEO and its long-term benefits. However, if the situation is reverse and your targeted keywords are getting a low cost-per-click then shelling out money for PPC traffic may turn out to be a lucrative option.

SEO vs.PPC – Which is Your Best Bet?


In a nut shell, PPC and SEO provide different results and returns for businesses. So, if your business is in need of quick leads or results but lack the resources for a long-term campaign, PPC should be your best bet. But, if you are willing to reap long-term benefits, Search engine optimization (SEO) should be a better option. Frankly, at times a blend of the two best strategies can turn out to be superlative.



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