How to Enhance your Software Design

You can improve the quality of your software architecture design by incorporating the following tips while designing and developing high quality software.


It should also address non-technical needs

Base your software design on the needs of the stakeholders. While you may feel software must be designed for technical motives alone, every part of the design should be based on business requirements to translate into higher maintainability, smooth transition and easy navigation for the user.


Quantify the non-functional requirements to create a proper software structure. You must • Measure the size of the overall software product
• Measure the size of every part reused
• Calculate the ratio of reused parts – the sum of reused parts divided by (2).


When creating a software design make sure you prototype the design. Validate the assumptions, test the performance and ensure that the security architecture is valid. A prototype gives you the opportunity to fail faster if you must, which is good for quality design.

Layer the design

In the first phase, software design and development companies should design part of the User Interface, part of the Business Layer and another part of the Data Layer. In the second iteration, add new operations and expand every layer horizontally with the needed functionality. Make sure you combine the new layers with the old in a way that you slice the cake to see proper alignment.

Don’t repeat yourself

Every piece of design must have a single and unambiguous representation within a system. Whether you are designing, testing or source coding, you have to fight the urge to repeat elements. The first repetition never hurts you directly and may even help you gain some time. But as you go on to design more projects, the past design shows up to makes future projects more difficult. Fight this by classifying and storing the data where it belongs. Object-oriented design allows you to filter and focus on the right components to be included in the package.


Don’t just focus on general purpose libraries and infrastructure. Focus to directly reference to a concrete application. Today’s businesses are way too dynamic to design for generality up-front. Start by implementing for a specific problem. Once you begin working on the next application to find any similarities with the first, that’s when you may generalize. This allows you to make the first solution simpler, accomplishing a major design goal.

Also, you must concentrate on the interfaces and boundaries. But don’t separate a system of components when heavy communication is necessary between two components.



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