The Growing Significance of Twitter as a Marketing Platform

Over the years, twitter has proven its mettle by being the leader of real-time online marketing. Even when all big brands stand educated about the exponential power of the social network called Twitter, many have failed devise the correct strategy for their marketing mix.

Let’s see how Twitter can help your brand with social media marketing.

Your Twitter Account can Create Brand Awareness

There wouldn’t be a single brand that does not wish to make its content viral on the web. It helps companies, big or large, promote their brands and reach out to millions of potential customers. Create compelling content to be shared and post on the right channels. Optimize the re-tweet feature to spread your company’s message, news, trends, etc and build a strong image.

Twitter can Drive Customer Engagement

Twitter as a global platform has a vast worldwide reach. The main purpose of this micro blogging website is to draw, connect and engage people who wish to express, with the achievement of the ultimate goal – a consistent flow of information. The re-tweet feature allows exponential sharing and interaction.

Twitter can Improve Search Engine Ranking

When the content created by a particular organization goes viral on its official Twitter account, the website receives tons of new visits and multiple views. This helps enhance the ranking of the website on search engines like Google.

Twitter can be adopted for Customer Service

Twitter can be utilized for communication in more than one way. Being among the most popular marketing tools, it witnesses customer care executives and brand controllers fix customer service issues and do reputation repair management on public domain. It helps resolve problems and establish a positive brand identity at the speed of light.

Lastly, Twitter also helps in market research and analysis.



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